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Right of Way Mowing and Greenery Specialist for Over 30 years

"Hard work and dedication has led to our success.  Safety and Quality workmanship has kept us around for over 30 years"  
Bill Mason Jr. - President

Mason's Landscaping is a commercial landscaping & restoration company that was formed in 1987 by Dr. William E. Mason Sr., a retired school administrator and his sons. Dr. Mason had a passion for outdoor projects which led to a career in construction after he left the school district.

In 1992, we expanded our services to include Right Of Way Mowing,  erosion control, Seeding and yard Repairs.  Mason's was also named "DBE" Contractor of the year by the Illinois Department of Transportation in 1992.

We are a proud MBE/DBE contractor that has been a vital part of the construction industry in the St. Louis Metropolitan area for decades.

Steady growth and determination has led to Mason's celebrating over 30 years in Business !

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